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VIPro™ is a solution that brings in energy efficiency into the power network. Implementing an energy efficiency program in a plant is one of the fastest ways of obtaining ROI from the activity. In any mid-size to large plant, power delivery and distribution to all consumption points from the point of common coupling involves many subsystems and switch gears. Power losses and inefficiencies due to lack of maintenance or operation outside the limits results in wastages and higher costs. Monitoring power quality and identifying distortions in supplies, presence of harmonics, frequency distortions etc. would ensure that the supply is robust and losses are minimized.

Electrical Monitoring

VIPro™ Power Quality Analysis Module

Monitor power quality at any point on your supply. Discover hidden problems in the network irrespective of whether it caused by the source or the load. Monitor voltage/current waveforms, monitor THD, phase angles and much more at any point. Perform analytics with the acquired data and root cause failures or impending problems in your machinery accurately. The power quality analysis module is ideal for machine design units, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, servicing and repair industries, research facilities and more.

VIPro™ Transformer Health Monitoring Module

This solution utilizes ESS sensors to monitor mechanical and electrical parameters of oil-cooled as well as dry transformers and thereby offer a comprehensive view of the health of transformers that are in deployment. By employing AI algorithms, our solution delivers value by alerting on fault conditions, bringing insights that would improve efficiency and generating maintenance alerts. This would ensure the reliability and longevity of these critical assets while lowering the overall operating cost over their lifetime.

Transformer Monitoring
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