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The adoption of Industry 4.0 technology is a step in the right direction to address these challenges. EmbedSense offerings not only help these plastic moulding units overcome these challenges but also turn things around in a way that would stream line their operations, improve profitability, reduce quality control overheads and reduce their carbon footprint.

Productivity monitoring

YieldPro™ Productivity Monitoring Module

Obtain in-depth information at any granularity about production rates, availability scores and generate overall equipment effectiveness for a single machine, plant or even compare plants with our nifty Productivity Monitoring Module. The actionable insights are certain to translate into ROI and identification of bottlenecks in production.

MoldPlastPro™ Clean Room Molding Solution

The amount of particulate matter i.e. PM0.5 to PM10 in measured continuously and logged by this module. Applications: Clean rooms, Hospitals, ICU's, OT's, laboratories or any other areas that require a highly accurate monitoring and reporting of these particulate matter that can contaminate the air and have adverse effects on the procedures involved.

Environmental monitoring , clean room monitoring
Mold Dynamics Monitoring System

MoldPlastPro™ Mold Dynamics Monitoring Module

The quality and dimensional accuracy of a finished part depends on the mold performance and its process settings during the molding process. Obtain insights into the mold performance with our Mold Dynamics Monitoring System and achieve consistent results from part to part. The system provides data driven defect screening and traceability and makes implementation of quality control a breeze.

MoldPlastPro™ Condition Monitoring Module

The Condition Monitoring Module serves as a crystal ball for a machine's health. It is an well-established fact that all machines degrade over time and the higher the usage the faster the degradation will be. Injection casting machines are complex systems with electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems working in unison. With so many interdependent mechanisms  there is little margin for error for any of them to degrade in their performance. The ESS Condition Monitoring module offers a multi-modal comprehensive solution that detects degradation early-on and generates alerts and warnings ahead of time. Save time, reduce operating costs and never be held hostage by a breakdown. Increase your production with confidence by including the Condition Monitoring module for Injection-Casting Machines.

Condition monitoring
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