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Press Shop Solutions


The global metal stamping industry is all set to witness a huge opportunity in emerging economies owing to rapid growth in various end-user industries such as automotive, aerospace & aviation, consumer electronics, electrical and other electronics, industrial machinery, telecommunications, and medical devices in the recent years. Due to this huge projected demand for metal components from these industries many service providers are experiencing larger than anticipated order sizes that they need to fulfil. Due to the relatively lower investment requirement compared to other types of metal manufacturing setups, the stamping industry has managed to attract newer players into this market. A common denominator to both the new entrants as well as established players would be the challenges faced from pricing pressure, compressed schedules they have to work with and the quality of their finished goods. Mechanisms that are in place today to keep a tight lid on the above metrics are archaic in nature and generally suffer from the lack of sufficient digitization necessary to build any sort of intelligent feedback mechanism.

In order to streamline operations and inculcate the best business practices that will improve bottom lines, bringing all stamping machines and their ancillary functions into the main stream digital highway is a must. Embedsense Press shop solution has been designed to do precisely that. Our solution is all encompassing and does not differentiate between the type of machine (manual or hydraulic) or stamping process involved. All stamping operations such as blanking, bending, piercing, forming, hot or cold forging, sheet metal bending (press brakes), shearing machines and more are covered. Adopt Embedsense Press shop solution and improve profitability, stream line operations and improve quality of your deliverables.

Productivity Monitoring

YieldPro™ Productivity Monitoring Module

Obtain in-depth information at any granularity about production rates, availability scores and generate overall equipment effectiveness for a single machine, plant or even compare plants with our nifty Productivity Monitoring Module. The actionable insights are certain to translate into ROI and identification of bottlenecks in production. Improve the morale of your workforce by aligning business goals with incentives carved out of the data this solution provides.

MFormPro™ Dynamics Monitoring Module

The quality and dimensional accuracy of a finished part depends on the tool performance and its process settings during the stamping/forging process. Obtain insights into the mold performance with our Tool Dynamics Monitoring System and achieve consistent results from part to part. The system provides data driven defect screening and traceability and makes implementation of quality control a breeze.

Mold Dynamics Monitoring
Condition monitoring, Maintenance

MFormPro™ Condition Monitoring Module

The Condition Monitoring Module serves as a crystal ball for assessing the health of a press and its sub systems. Press machines whether manual or hydraulic require a good predictive maintenance program to be in place. It is always more expensive to replace a component that fails while in service than to do so pre-emptively. The cost would be even greater considering the opportunity cost of downtime and loss of production sometimes upstream and downstream as well. The ESS Condition Monitoring module offers a multi-modal comprehensive solution that detects degradation of machines early-on and generates alerts and warnings ahead of time. Save time, reduce operating costs and never be held hostage by a breakdown. Increase your production with confidence by including the Condition Monitoring module for all of your stamping machines.

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