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Productivity Monitoring

Productive maitenance


Monitor productivity of any machine - hydraulic, electric or hybrid with accuracy and consistency. Productron™ is an IP67 rated product designed to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions one would encounter in the shop floor. Incorporate Productron™ into your workflow and discover many insights about your manufacturing process that are usually overlooked. Improve plant efficiency and lower your operating costs with Productron™

Productivity Monitoring
Revolution monitoring


Revtron™ is an IOT enabled wireless industrial grade device that monitors productivity of reciprocating machines. The device can be also used for speed measurement, presence detection and counting applications. It easily integrates with other ESS smart machine monitoring sensors via a gateway.


Automate the task of tracking usage of each molding tool with the ToolTag™. It is highly effective when used in combination with the Productron™, Rheotron™ or Deflectron™. ToolTag™ is to a tool what a fuel gauge is to a car. Know ahead of time when your tools need reinspection or when they are reaching EOL. ToolTag™ enables tracking productivity of your machines and stations, tracking the quality of each part and much more. Tooltag™ is an IP67 rated product designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Tool tag
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