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Machine Shop Solutions


Machine manufacturing units are heavily reliant on metal working machines to support their daily production volumes. These machines are typically engaged in operations such as milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, sparking etc. In order to keep the production line up and running, these metal working wizards need to perform at their best and meet all the specifications that they are supposed to comply with. Any deviation from the spec would result in material wastage and lost productivity.

Since the final quality of the machine being manufactured is a strong function of how precisely these metal working machines churn out parts and sub-assemblies, it is absolutely critical that the sub assemblies and parts that make up these machines too are in turn in perfect harmony with each other. Whether the machines are conventional or CNC operated, hydraulic or not they need to be monitored to ensure that their subsystems are in prime operating condition. The spindles, gear boxes, hydraulic pumps, reciprocating members are all subject to wear and tear and degradation over their useful life. Embedsense Machine shop solution  is all encompassing and is applicable to all types of machining operations involved. Adopt Embedsense machine shop solution and improve profitability, stream line operations and reduce operating costs.


YieldPro NC™ Productivity Monitoring Module

Obtain in-depth information at any granularity about production rates, availability scores and generate overall equipment effectiveness for a single machine, plant or even compare plants with our nifty Productivity Monitoring Module. The actionable insights are certain to translate into ROI and identification of bottlenecks in production. Improve the morale of your workforce by aligning business goals with incentives carved out of the data this solution provides.

MachPro™ Spindle Health Monitoring Module

The most intricate and critical member of most metal working machines is the spindle motor and assembly. It also happens to be the one that is most expensive and difficult to hone. Whenever the spindle motor experiences imbalance or damage due to tool breakage or incorrect handling it can lead to a breakdown which will be expensive to restore and put back into commission. The EmbedSense spindle health monitoring system works in conjunction with advanced Embedsense sensors and monitors the health of the spindle motor and sub assembly and provides an highly effective predictive maintenance solution.

Condition monitoring , Maitenance

MachPro™ Condition Monitoring Module

The Condition Monitoring Module serves as a crystal ball for assessing the health of any metal working machine and its sub systems. It is always more expensive to replace a component that fails while in service than to do so pre-emptively. The cost would be even greater considering the opportunity cost of downtime and loss of production sometimes upstream and downstream as well. The ESS Condition Monitoring module offers a multi-modal comprehensive solution that detects degradation of machines early-on and generates alerts and warnings ahead of time. Save time, reduce operating costs and never be held hostage by a breakdown. Increase your production with confidence by including the Condition Monitoring module for all the machines on your shop floor.

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