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Rheology Monitoring



Rheotron™ is an injection molding/die-casting yield improvement wizard. Rheotron™ provides invaluable data on the rheological behavior of melt. Eliminate guesswork in setting your production recipes with the Rheotron™. Back annotate data into your mold flow simulators and deliver higher quality products to your customers faster and with higher confidence. Rheotron™ is an IP67 rated product designed to withstand the adverse conditions one would encounter in a casting environment.

injection molding, die-casting
Tool tag


Automate the task of tracking usage of each molding tool with the ToolTag™. It is highly effective when used in combination with the Productron™, Rheotron™ or Deflectron™. ToolTag™ is to a tool what a fuel gauge is to a car. Know ahead of time when your tools needs reinspection or when they are reaching EOL. ToolTag™ enables tracking productivity of your machines and stations, tracking quality of each part and much more. Tooltag™ is an IP67 rated product designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.


Tooltron™ is a sensor hub that integrates various sensing technologies that are critical to monitoring moulds and dies. It is IP68 rated and specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions that are prevalent in a die-casting or injection moulding environment. It supports automatic sensor reconfiguration and fault identification.

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