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Crane Monitoring


Material handling systems (cranes) are the work horses of any major industry and are an absolute must for lifting and moving heavy material that cannot otherwise be transported with ease across the length and breadth of the job site. Their presence can easily be taken for granted which leads to unsafe practices and negligence in their use and maintenance. This is where our HoistPro™ smart material handling solution can make a huge difference. The HoistPro™  system talks to ESS sensors that monitor all the critical components of a crane. By incorporating AI and ML, data from sensors is analysed at the edge to generate powerful insights that would serve to alert operators & maintenance supervisors of any impending hazards and anomalies in the handling system.

HoistPro™ is certain to help reduce downtime, improve safety of the personnel involved  and pre-empt loss of revenue due to costly breakdowns by implementing an effective predictive and preventative maintenance program.

Condition monitoring solution, Maintenance

HoistPro™ Condition Monitoring Module

The Condition Monitoring Module serves as a crystal ball for assessing the health of a crane and its sub systems. Cranes, being very critical assets that perform a herculean task require a good predictive maintenance program to be in place. It is always more expensive to replace a component that fails while in service than to do so pre-emptively. The cost would be even greater considering the opportunity cost of downtime and loss of production. The ESS Condition Monitoring module offers a multi-modal comprehensive solution that detects degradation of  sub systems of a crane early-on and generates alerts and warnings ahead of time. Save time, reduce operating costs and never be held hostage by a breakdown. With the ESS Condition Monitoring solution, you can be rest assured that your crane is operating reliably and safely.

HoistPro™ Rope Health Monitoring Module

The most critical components of a crane is its Hoist mechanism and associated components. The health of the hoist rope is at the very top of the pareto in the list of the most likely components that can compromise the safety of operation with a crane. The ESS rope health monitoring system will monitor usage and generate alerts whenever the rope needs inspection and maintenance.

Rope Health Monitoring
Productivity Monitoring

HoistPro™ Productivity Monitoring Module

Obtain in-depth information at any granularity about the usage patterns of your crane, availability scores and generate overall equipment effectiveness for a single machine, plant or even compare plants with our nifty Productivity Monitoring Module. The actionable insights are certain to translate into load balancing, material movement demand patterns and optimization of work flows.

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