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Machine monitoring
Machine Monitoring


Almost all manufacturing today relies heavily on machines. Machines degrade over time and the degradation varies based on operational patterns, usage and effective maintenance plans. Scheduled maintenance programs in place today are inefficient and cannot predict failures. Manufacturing units are under tremendous pressure to deliver high quality products in lesser time and at much lower costs and any unplanned downtime and breakdowns hurt productivity and increase operating costs. A study done by the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that preventive maintenance results in

  • Reductions in downtime by up to 75%

  • 35% to 45% fewer breakdowns

  • Up to a 30% reduction in energy and maintenance costs

In addition, end customers today also expect adoption of Smart Manufacturing practices and Industry 4.0 Techniques from their suppliers in order to have a robust supply chain. ESS PredictPro™ solution suite is a highly effective solution for the condition monitoring and preventative maintenance needs of the many process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing industries.

Condition Monitoring

HMPro™ Condition Monitoring Module

The HMPRO™ Condition Monitoring Module serves as a crystal ball for a machine's health. The ESS Condition Monitoring module uses a multi-modal approach that detects degradation early-on and generates alerts and warnings ahead of time. Save time, reduce operating costs and never be held hostage by a breakdown. Increase your production rates with confidence by including the ESS HMPRO™ Condition Monitoring module for all your machines.

PDMPro™ Predictive Maintenance Module

The PDMPRO™ Predictive Maintenance Module is an advanced predictive maintenance solution that can detect deterioration in machines way ahead of time. This module employs advanced analytics and mathematical models to highlight performance changes way early so that enough lead time is obtained by the early warnings that are generated.  This is highly desirable in cases where it is hard to find spares or when your assets use spares with long lead times. Make your production line that depends on critical assets more robust and obtain unmatched performance with PDMPRO™. Embrace PDMPRO™ and realize true savings year over year.

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