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Environmental Monitoring solution


Breathing in air of good quality improves personal well-being and overall health of the work force in any industrial setup. A healthy work force implies a more productive workforce as well.

Paint shops, welding shops, areas around furnaces, boilers, kilns, cement, iron and steel industries, fertilizer manufacturing industries etc. are some of the areas where air quality can be compromised easily and the health of workers be impacted negatively. Air quality is of utmost importance not just for the workforce but also around critical machinery that manufacture medical devices. The presence of particulate matter in the air above the allowable limits will render these medical components unfit for consumption. Indoor air quality  therefore needs to be monitored in areas such as clean rooms where medical components are being manufactured.

The IAQPro™ is a comprehensive solution suite that monitors and records the presence of contaminants in the air and generates alerts when norms are exceeded. IAQPro™ makes the workforce feel safer, makes the workplace compliant to safety standards and helps improve the quality of products that are manufactured in clean room environments.


IAQPro™ Harmful Gas Monitoring Module for Industries

The air quality and gas monitoring module would report out the effective CO2 and VOC levels which are prevalent around paints, varnishes, industrial solvents, epoxies etc. Based on the operations carried out in the field, the concentration of various gases such as CO, SO2, H2S and NO2 would be monitored and reported.

IAQPro™ Air Quality (PM) Monitoring Module for Hospital/Healthcare Industries

The amount of particulate matter i.e. PM1 to PM10 in measured continuously and logged by this module. Applications: Clean rooms, Hospitals, ICU's, OT's, laboratories or any other areas that require a highly accurate monitoring and reporting of these particulate matter that can contaminate the air and have adverse effects on the procedures involved.

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