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Vibration Sensing

Temperature Sensors


MechTron™ is an industrial IOT predictive maintenance solution that saves cost and improves productivity by pre-empting machine breakdowns. MechTron™ employs smart wireless sensors that monitor mechanical parameters that feed into an integrated platform with AI and Machine Learning to arrive at optimal operating conditions.

Vibration Sensors


Vibetron™ is a high performance vibration sensor that is a must for any predictive maintenance solution. Its high sensitivity and bandwidth deliver the turbo boost that is required to generate high resolution frequency domain data that is a key enabler for pre-empting failures in machines. Its small and compact form factor enables sensing vibration on the most difficult to access members of machine assemblies.  Vibetron™ is also equipped with a highly accurate temperature sensing mechanism to enhance its diagnostics capabilities. Vibetron™ is IP67 rated to operate in the harshest of industrial environments.



Vibetron-X™ is a high performance vibration sensor that is rated for operation at elevated temperatures of up to 150C.

Vibetron-X™ is a must for condition monitoring of assets that handle hot gases, thermic fluids etc. Vibetron-X™ is also equipped with a versatile temperature sensor for advanced diagnostics.  Vibetron-X™ is ruggedized to operate in extreme environments.

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